Does your closet needs to be updated? Do you want to change your style?
Or maybe just need advice on how to put outfits together that suit your body?
Do not hesitate to contact me. I will help you build your new look and find your own personal style.

EDITORIAL + COMMERCIAL PHOTO STYLING: I will work with your business, brand or boutique to ensure that all aspects are styled to perfection. I will closely collaborate with you or your team to create and conceptualize the wardrobe or product selection and styling that best fits your desired brand or editorial image.

PERSONAL SHOPPING: Hate going to crowded stores to shop or doesn't have the time to do it? Here comes me to the rescue! As much as I love shopping for myself, I also love to shop for you. Once we meet and get an idea of your style, I will take the stress off of your hands and get everything your closet needs.

STYLING: Going on a date? I am here to help you find the perfect outfit whether it's with a special someone or for a special first date. Attending a staff party or a corporate event? I am here to make you look professional and fancy at the same time to knock your bosses socks off! Going away for a weekend or even for a week or two? I will come to your rescue and you will be packed and feeling fab in no time. I think you get the point now. I can style and create whatever you desire for your final look.

CONSULTATION & CLOSET REFRESH: Not sure if this is for you? Give me a chance to meet you and find out if this is something you would like to do. Let's look into your wardrobe and I will coordinate outfits out of existing clothes by mixing and matching everything. This is a journey of personal style.

Please contact me for a customized quote based on the scope of the project. Let's talk.