Aspiring stylist, sometimes a model, and content creator, Tiffany Cruz has always been inclined to fashion. Although her path wasn't clear after graduating high school, she dipped her toes into Sciences and realized she wasn't meant to be there. Going back to January 2012, in order to keep her sanity at ease, she decided to give blogging a try. It wasn't until October 2014 that City Sleek Chic was born. Since then, Tiffany has been featured on major fashion magazines across Canada, and has made her mark within the streetstyle category. This blog has turned into an outlet where she not only shares her love for fashion, but also where she documents pieces of her everyday life.

Tiffany hopes this can be a place where you collect inspiration and find your own adventure whether it be in the city or in the country. Her goal is to encourage and inspire everyone across the globe through her personal style, and share her blessings through this little blog. So stick around for awhile!


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