08 March 2018

My Santorini Dream Come True

I've always loved the idea of travelling all around Europe. Doing something there must be way too expensive. Where are the "it" restaurants that I need to try? What areas of the city should I stay at? How would I know where the good spots to shoot? So many questions to consider before I pack my bags and get on the plane. Next thing I know, I've already landed my foot on the soil of the Greece Islands. Being the shutterbug that I am, I wasn't one to complain. I grabbed every opportunity and took a gazillion photos of all the traditional houses, churches, and stores lined up the narrow winding paths leading up the hillside. Each corner has its own story, has its own memory, and I could just get lost in it. Everything that I had imagined about this island was breathtaking! The only time I stopped clicking away was when I reached the top of the hill to take a moment to admire the panoramic view of the entire island and the vast sea. It's moments like that that remind me how truly lucky I am to be able to see and experience all that. Isn't the world so beautiful?

Wallet on standby. Passport ready. Finally my fantasy has now become reality.

Photography by: Tai Moir


  1. Professional image shooting . Looking excellent . Thank you for the share .

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