17 August 2016

Summer Wall Inspiration

Do you ever wake up and get out of bed full of inspiration in front of you? Literally right in front of your eyes. I do! I do! Back in my old apartment, I decided to put up a gallery wall in the corner of the living room. Mainly because I used to hang around in the living room too much. Since moving to a new place a year ago, I find myself isolating in the bedroom more often. It's just more quiet and helps me focus more on doing work (or watching my TV series). When I discovered these travel art prints from Indigo, I knew I wanted to buy more that relates to each city. Paris and New York are my top two favourite cities. So when I finally got the chance to visit both, I had to purchase a few prints from local artists. One exception on this wall is the NYC skyline (top right) - which I got from Toronto's very own Ave Mariabell Designs.

About the brand:
Ave Mariabell Designs is a series of ultra modern, minimalist, city skyline designs. 
The designs aims to unite people together by celebrating common cities that we love, and cities that have changed our lives. Take a piece of the city you love home with you, whether it is a large-scale wall decal, phone accessory or gift item. Share my journey and contact me to request a custom decal, canvas print or gift item with a design of a city that has changed your life.

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