03 August 2016

PHOTO DIARY | Bonjour, Paris - Day 4

A week or two after this trip, I decided to rewatch The Da Vinci Code movie for fun. Also, to understand the movie better. Glad I did, because it's set in Paris (some scenes specifically at The Louvre). Don't you love it when you see a film, and you recognize the location because you've been there. I got way too excited, and tell myself that I've actually seen that area with my own eyes! Hah, I feel butterflies in my stomach just by thinking about it. Besides that.. I absolutely love this museum. You honestly need a full day in order to see each exhibit. We didn't get to unfortunately. As if I don't have enough reasons to go back to Paris. We had planned on visiting to Notre Dame Cathedral and the Panthéon, because they close early. As I've mentioned on my post here, we've only seen the outside. Then, we had a nice dinner at Café Panis.

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