12 August 2016

Heatwave in Toronto

Oh Canada, our home and native land... I love you and all, but I just can't deal with these extreme weather alerts! Extreme heat in the summer, and extreme cold during winter. When will it ever be just right? All we can do it dress appropriately to survive ;P Toronto has been on a heat warning for the past week, and will continue to be hoooot in the next few days! I think dresses are a closet staple in order to stay cool without making you resort to wearing a tiny piece of fabric. You know, skintight tank tops and insanely short shorts. It's true lightweight pieces are great for the summer, but the key thing is to wear loose clothing. The less fabric that touches your skin, the more it'll feel less hot. Mainly because there's plenty of room for air to circulate, which then gives space for your skin to breathe. Choose the ones that are made out of natural fibers!

dress Zara | shirt Old Navy | shoes Winners | watch  Fossil
bag Rebecca Minkoff | earrings Ardene | sunglasses Rayban

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