28 July 2016

PHOTO DIARY | Bonjour, Paris - Day 3

Paris is definitely one of those cities you'll fall in love with. Don't get me wrong. I did, but I also felt butterflies in my stomach when we reached Versailles. Funny story.. It was a struggle to get there. For us, anyway. I know we've been taking the subway for the first two days in Paris, so we should start to be pretty confident about it - and we were. Until the city's transfer system ruined our momentum. We were literally stuck inside the station for at least 10mins trying to figure out how to get to the other subway line. Turns out, you have to go out of the station and go back in at the other entrance. Also, don't forget to scan your ticket while doing so! The rest of the journey was pretty smooth after that tiny hiccup.

I kind of lost my train of thought for a second. Paris.. Train.. Versailles.. Got it. So we got off at the last stop, and we've arrived at this quaint town of Versailles! Wish we could've stayed a bit longer there, but we were just so beat up from walking around Ch√Ęteau de Versailles. This place is honestly a must-see and I feel like I'd never get tired of exploring.

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