22 July 2016

PHOTO DIARY | Bonjour, Paris - Day 2

Our second day was pretty chill. And by that, I mean, we kind of slept in and didn't get to do much. Was suppose to check out The Louvre early in the morning. Clearly didn't happen haha so we decided to go to the Catacombs of Paris instead. Such a huge line up when we got there. The average time was 1.5-2 hours, and they weren't exaggerating! Literally waited for an hour and a half. Super worth it!! I've yet to watch the movie about the Catacombs - which made me feel excited about checking this place out. It's definitely the highlight of our day though. Very interesting if you think about it, but it's really cool to be underground looking at skulls and bones of dead people. Our only mistake was we should've went later in the afternoon because they close at I believe 8pm. By the time we got out of there and walked to the Panthéon and Notre Dame Cathedral, they were already closed. Hence, the limited amount of photos for this post. My sis and I were both still pretty exhausted from the day before, so we walked around the Latin Quarter, bought souvenirs, and had dinner at this restaurant called Hippopotamus.

Recap: Day 1

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