20 July 2016

PHOTO DIARY | Bonjour, Paris - Day 1

Back in April, I did a trip out to Montreal for a few days (see here) and as you know, I don't speak French at all. Most people in the city speak English as well so that wasn't a huge problem for me. Until our sudden trip to Paris, the City of Love.. or City of Lights..? Whatever you want to associate it with. You can just imagine my struggles when my sister and I flew out to France. To our luck, she had taken French during high school so she knows and can understand basic conversations.  Still wasn't enough, but we manage to make it through, didn't we?

Our very first day was pretty hectic and exhausting, because we arrived early morning and had to get going after settling in to the apartment. Obviously we did get some sleep during the flight, but y'all know how uncomfortable the seats are! Especially if you're only on economy. So 7-8hrs travel time..  Plus time difference.. Not so good.

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  1. Wooooooooow!! The photos are amazing and Paris is beautiful as always!! Hope to visit someday!

    Armi Mariee
    Inspired by Desires | https://armimariee.blogspot.com/