13 July 2016

How I Style My Awkward Hair Length

When you're at that awkward hair length stage, the no brainer hair solution is to go either curled or.. well, that's it. Since chopping my hair off two years ago, I never let my hair grow below my shoulders. As soon as it hits that certain length, it’s been so difficult trying to do anything else to my hair. I can't even leave it straight because the ends won't cooperate. So I worked on these three hairstyles (using a ceramic flat iron from Irresistible Me) that you can add to your repertoire while you’re at that awkward hair length!

Look 1. Effortless Waves

Look 2. Half Bun/Half-Up Ponytail

Look 3. Low Twist Ponytail


  1. I just love those tips. Unlike using a comb which gives you structured combing finger combing works well to open the waves in your hair. More tips at https://www.ipersonalcare.com/best-curling-iron