15 July 2016

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful (NOT Covergirl)

I know. So cheesy, right? I added the "NOT Covergirl" part, because it's the brand's slogan. Don't want y'all assuming it's a beauty post. Very, very appropriate though. This is one of the easiest and most comfortable item in my closet. Not only it looks like a beach cover-up, but can also be worn as a dress during the hot weather. Like killing two birds with one stone! How very wise of me.. Anyway, bought this piece at Winners a month ago and I am in love. Wore it the day after it was purchased, hand washed it right after, and packed it in my suitcase to bring to my trip to Paris (which I will be posting very soon). I am again tempted to wear it. I swear I have more clothes!

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