11 May 2016

The Power Suit

Hi.. Currently writing this blog post to distract myself from a certain thing that happened this morning. The anxiety is so real right now, you don't even know. So sorry I cannot share with you all due to personal reasons. Not yet at least. Please bare with me!! Might be best not to have mentioned anything, but I only wish for everyone's support and prayers. I feel like this is "make it or break it" moment for me..

Do I still have your attention? Hehe.. Since I started working for a high-end retailer, I didn't know I had a thing for tailored clothing. My usual outfits were jeans, summer dresses, maxi skirts, and the ever so classic Converse. Maybe I just grew up and it's part of my maturity process. I now find myself browsing through the racks of Banana Republic, Zara, Mendocino. You know... more grown up stuff.

You may or may not know this, but Chriselle Lim is my ultimate fashion icon. She has impeccable styling skills, and I have been following her since she did a collaboration with Michelle Phan years ago. Stalker status right here! Me! Me! I honestly love her style and how her images create a story. Shoutout to Karen Rosalie for her amazing photography skills! Anyway, today's ensemble was inspired by her outfit here.

top, blazer Banana Republic | bottom Zara
bag Winners | shoes Cole Haan | earrings Aldo

Photography by: Michael Alves

1 comment:

  1. Just love it :)

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