31 May 2016


Ever dream of visiting the gallery without the crowds? On Thursday last week, I got the opportunity to be part of 20 Toronto photographers, bloggers, and social media influencers for an early-bird, behind-the-scenes tour before the art gallery opened to the public. This experience was the pilot event, the first of its kind at the AGO. Here are a few of the shots I've taken during and after the tour. Follow the rest of the squad's #emptyAGO experience on Instagram, and stay tuned for updates! See more at: http://artmatters.ca/wp/2016/05/emptyago-live-feed/?_sp=7ca368549b5ac500.1464714013576

30 May 2016

VIDEO | Current Sunglass Collection

26 May 2016

Striped Shift Dress

Coincidentally enough.. I wore the same dress I have in this post during the #emptyAGO tour this morning. I was lucky enough to be able to walk around, take pictures, and meet with a few of Toronto photographers, social media influencers, and content creators before the gallery opens to the public. Will be posting about my experience soon. So stay tuned! In the hot summer days, I like to throw on a dress rather than wearing shorts. I just feel like it's more breathable. Dresses are also great when you're in a rush or feel lazy. You'll look like you thought about your outfit when you actually didn't. Who doesn't love that?

24 May 2016

Beach Cover Up

The long weekend is over, but this is also the beginning of summer. Weekends need to be spent outdoors, and get all that Vitamin D. Just don't forget your SPF and protect your skin! Whenever I decide to visit the beaches, I walk along the boardwalk or play around by the shore. Yesterday's case was different. I actually just wanted to chill under the sun and get my tan on. I'm never comfortable with wearing swimsuits in public, and this lace tunic from Stella & Dot is the perfect cover up while I stroll by the water.

13 May 2016

Start of Summer .. I Feel It

Happy Friday! This week has been insane.. Raptors game, work meetings, upcoming collaborations, and many more. Other than that, I've been so excited because the weather was gorgeous yesterday. High of 20 degrees!! Can you believe it? It actually made me so happy seeing people outside. Even last night on my way home.. Everyone was still at the patio enjoying their food and having conversations. Though the next few days will be back to the chilly side, don't fret.. I can already feel the summer heat. I just can't wait!

11 May 2016

The Power Suit

Hi.. Currently writing this blog post to distract myself from a certain thing that happened this morning. The anxiety is so real right now, you don't even know. So sorry I cannot share with you all due to personal reasons. Not yet at least. Please bare with me!! Might be best not to have mentioned anything, but I only wish for everyone's support and prayers. I feel like this is "make it or break it" moment for me..

Do I still have your attention? Hehe.. Since I started working for a high-end retailer, I didn't know I had a thing for tailored clothing. My usual outfits were jeans, summer dresses, maxi skirts, and the ever so classic Converse. Maybe I just grew up and it's part of my maturity process. I now find myself browsing through the racks of Banana Republic, Zara, Mendocino. You know... more grown up stuff.

06 May 2016

School? Unusual Brunch Spot..

Happy Friday! They say, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." For people like me who love sleeping in every morning, we rarely ever make it out of bed by 9am. If we do, it's most likely because we have to (ie. work) or because of food. I'm a huge fan of going out for brunch. Not on weekends though, because it's always busy and the lineup is crazy if you go late. So jealous of everyone who lives next door to a really good brunch spot. Not much of a big deal for me as I usually go on weekdays. Hate the crowd and waiting in line. Although at some places, their weekend brunch menu is different. On the bright side.. it's better on a weekday because it's not as busy. I can take photos and no one can judge me!

02 May 2016

White Perforated Oxfords

Is there an item in your wardrobe that you've been obsessing with for months? I do. This pair of perforated oxfords has been my go-to (instead of my usual Converse) when I wanna wear white. I picked them up at Marshalls sometime in February, so it's been a couple of months. I was always a ballet flats kind of girl until last year, when I upgraded to a "loafers" phase. Now, oxford shoes have their time to shine. These are actually my first, and I am loving them!It adds a bit of masculinity. Definitely still on a lookout for more.