28 April 2016

PHOTO DIARY | Parlez-vous Français?

Tuesday, April 5

Bonjour Montréal! Last time I was in this city was about five years ago. Seems like a long time, doesn't it? It is. I did visit, but not for very long. So you can just imagine the excitement I felt when I decided to travel alone. Yes, I was by myself again in a different city. A French one too! Though most people there are bilingual anyway. It was my first time taking the VIA Rail train, and it was actually not too bad! I chose my departure time to be at 6:40am, because I wanted to arrive early. That way I'll get a chance to eat and rest before I start to get to work. Oh, did I mention I went there to attend a few fashion events?

Friday, April 8

Fast forward to the weekend. Initially, I was supposed to leave on this day, but I decided to stay an extra day so I can explore the city. My first three days here were all about meetings, photo shoots, and fashion shows, so I didn't really have time for other things. Blogger life, huh? I love it though; it creates lots of opportunities to network and expand my connections. Anyway, thankfully the weather wasn't too bad anymore. Most of the snow were gone, only traces of rain on the ground. It was also a bit cold, but I didn't mind. That's why I decided to visit a couple of museums and local shops while walking around. And.. I had a sudden idea to take self-portraits. Oh man, the process was hilarious! So lucky no one was around the area. Well, none that I noticed. If there were, then they would have seen me running back and forth. It's pretty funny just thinking about it. The shots turned out good though! I was proud of myself...

Saturday, April 9

Here it is, the last day! My train wasn't leaving until late afternoon, so I had a bit of time to explore more. I woke up. Got ready. Went to a local coffee shop, which was literally a two-minute walk away. Also, one of the photogenic cafés in Old Montreal - TOMMY. After breakfast, I cleaned, packed my suitcase, and checked out a bit early. I was going to leave my things there, so I can still walk around downtown Montreal before my train leaves. Changed my mind last minute because I thought it'd be easier if I leave my luggage at the station. Funny story, I wanted to check out the Montreal Eaton Centre and planned to walk there. Came across Les Cours Mont-Royal instead, very fancy mall I would say. As I was looking for the perfect spot to take a picture of my coffee cup (See below. You'll understand why), I ended up at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts - which I got very excited about because I felt a little bummed when I found out about it and didn't get to go. It was meant to be I guess. Plus, it's free admission for the permanent collection for anyone under the age of 30! I still had about an hour and a half until I leave, so I decided to start walking back. I finally did end up seeing the Eaton Centre (I didn't go in) because I saw another photo op.

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