14 April 2016

One Confusing Spring Weather

If you follow me on Snapchat ( @tffnycrz ) or Instagram ( @tiffanyc_ ) or Twitter ( @CitySleekChic ), then you know that I recently got back from my Montréal trip. Since I travelled alone, I decided to collaborate with a few photographers there. It's my version of meeting people and familiarize my way around the city.

Toronto's weather has been so inconsistent this year, and I didn't think it would be the same in Montréal. I checked the weather a hundred times so I could coordinate my outfits. And of course, Mother Nature decided to punish me. The days when I had events to go to and do photoshoots, it was either very windy, raining, snowing like crazy, or all at once. I had no proper shoes! We tried to shoot inside this café called Tommy. Didn't work out so well though, because the place was packed and kind of awkward. So we walked around Old Montréal and found little spots to take photos at.

Photography by: Yassine Laroussi

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