12 April 2016

FAVOURITES | Toronto Fashion Week Day 4

3D printing is becoming a trend recently. Schools have started to receive 3D printers, although I really don't get the purpose of it really.. Anyway, besides my point.. The first show on the fourth day of TFW was Daniel Christian Tang, who (guess what) presented a collection of 3D printed fine jewelry.

I have a very confusing relationship with TRIARCHY. I just never know how I feel about their collection.

Farley Chatto is another interesting one.

Last, but not least.. The most anticipated show of the week was Rudsak. Every season it's always a full house, and everyone is fighting for a seat. Just when I thought the SS16 runway show took my breath away.. The next one tops the last. Rudsak included a live drumming performance by 416 Beats.

Photography by: Michael Alves

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