07 April 2016

FAVOURITES | Toronto Fashion Week Day 2


Day two was a really short day for us. I ended up only attending three shows. My first one was Lamarque, which I didn't get any good shots except the ones taken from my phone. Too bad because I got the chance to sit front row. I absolutely loved her FW16 Collection. Just trust my word on it. Next show was Ellie Mae. Great collection as well for the upcoming cold season. Can they magically appear in my wardrobe?

We skipped the next show, and headed over to the nearest coffee shop to just hang out. Then it was time for our last show of the day: Malorie Urbanovitch. I wasn't much a fan of her SS16 Collection, but her newest one definitely kept me watching. Her pieces are very wearable, and I "need" all the outerwear!

Photography by: Michael Alves

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