21 April 2016

All About the Primary

Since the days are getting brighter and longer, it's time to bring out the best of Spring. I'm gonna try (although I can't promise) to stay away from darker shades. A couple of outfit posts ago (click here), I talked how complementary colours always go complement each other. Heh, get it? This time it's all about the "root of all other hue imaginable," or the "parents of the colour family." PRIMARY COLOURS!

Keep reading and see how I put them together..

top M for Mendocino | skirt Banana Republic | shoes Pertini (via Marshalls)
jacket Soia & Kyo | sunglasses Rayban | clutch Joseph Ribkoff -vintage-

ps. I'm currently listening to a 90s playlist on Spotify so kind of distracted while I write this..

Photography by: Michael Alves

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  1. you really rocking that banana republic pants!! and that bag! hope to see you soon!!!
    The New Girl Blog