29 April 2016

VIEWS - Montréal Edition

I wasn't suppose to publish a blog post today, but I suddenly thought of this smart idea. Everyone is talking about Drake's today. So hello avid 6ix God fans, please don't hate me! I know today is the release of his newest album. Hence the reason why I titled this post with the same name. Originally, I thought of naming this "Streets of Montreal." Last minute change of plans! This just is a collection of pictures of different "views" on the streets of Montreal. I bet you've already noticed the similarities of each one ;)

28 April 2016

PHOTO DIARY | Parlez-vous Français?

Tuesday, April 5

Bonjour Montréal! Last time I was in this city was about five years ago. Seems like a long time, doesn't it? It is. I did visit, but not for very long. So you can just imagine the excitement I felt when I decided to travel alone. Yes, I was by myself again in a different city. A French one too! Though most people there are bilingual anyway. It was my first time taking the VIA Rail train, and it was actually not too bad! I chose my departure time to be at 6:40am, because I wanted to arrive early. That way I'll get a chance to eat and rest before I start to get to work. Oh, did I mention I went there to attend a few fashion events?

26 April 2016

Low Ponytail Style


Gloomy day calls for a gloomy outfit. Not really, you get my point.. Just want to complement the weather. As I am writing this post.. I realized that for the first time, my hair is in a low ponytail. My hair is never in a ponytail! Not out in public anyway. This is such a huge shock for me. --- Let us please take a moment . .. .

I know, such a #firstworldproblem .. Though I now know the reason behind this. Whenever my hair grows to an awkward length, I attempt to tuck them inside my collar or under a scarf because my ends wouldn't stay straight. Clearly, I forgot to wear a scarf to hide my uncooperative locks. Hence, the use of a hair tie.

25 April 2016

Travelling with Microsoft

My blogging career has been getting more recognition since the beginning of this year, and I'm very much thankful for all the opportunities that have been given to me. In all honesty, it's really tough. It's definitely a "make it" or "break it" industry, but you can't give up and just work as hard (or more) as everybody else. For six weeks, I've been travelling so much (in addition to fashion and press events) that I couldn't keep up with all the editing and writing I had to work on. Glad to have the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 by my side!

21 April 2016

All About the Primary

Since the days are getting brighter and longer, it's time to bring out the best of Spring. I'm gonna try (although I can't promise) to stay away from darker shades. A couple of outfit posts ago (click here), I talked how complementary colours always go complement each other. Heh, get it? This time it's all about the "root of all other hue imaginable," or the "parents of the colour family." PRIMARY COLOURS!

Keep reading and see how I put them together..

20 April 2016

Old School and Oversized

Who knew I could rock a men's jacket? Not even me! I finally had the chance to attend the Toronto Vintage Clothing show last month, and I got to see a lot of good stuff! One of them was this Pepsi-Cola men's bomber. It was love at first sight I tell you. I took it out of the rack, realized it was a size extra large, and had to figure out a way how to make it work. Rolling the sleeves always does the trick!

19 April 2016

Just Another New York Weekend

18 April 2016

Complemetary Colours

Seems like Toronto has skipped Spring this year. After a few days of freezing cold and snow about two weeks ago, the temperature suddenly skyrocketed to the twenties!! I'm not kidding. Definitely shorts weather today. Though not my point.. What matters most is that the sun is shining to brightly right now! I feel very much inspired to begin wearing lots and lots of colours.

14 April 2016

One Confusing Spring Weather

If you follow me on Snapchat ( @tffnycrz ) or Instagram ( @tiffanyc_ ) or Twitter ( @CitySleekChic ), then you know that I recently got back from my Montréal trip. Since I travelled alone, I decided to collaborate with a few photographers there. It's my version of meeting people and familiarize my way around the city.

13 April 2016

FAVOURITES | Toronto Fashion Week Day 5

Every time I cover Toronto Fashion Week on the blog, I feel like it always takes forever and I always feel so behind. Not complaining by any means, and I still love writing about it. Maybe next time I'd narrow it down to one post; which would just include the highlights. So without further adieu, here's Day 5 of TFW..

12 April 2016

FAVOURITES | Toronto Fashion Week Day 4

3D printing is becoming a trend recently. Schools have started to receive 3D printers, although I really don't get the purpose of it really.. Anyway, besides my point.. The first show on the fourth day of TFW was Daniel Christian Tang, who (guess what) presented a collection of 3D printed fine jewelry.

09 April 2016

FAVOURITES | Toronto Fashion Week Day 3

It was a full schedule on our third day of Toronto Fashion Week.

07 April 2016

FAVOURITES | Toronto Fashion Week Day 2


Day two was a really short day for us. I ended up only attending three shows. My first one was Lamarque, which I didn't get any good shots except the ones taken from my phone. Too bad because I got the chance to sit front row. I absolutely loved her FW16 Collection. Just trust my word on it. Next show was Ellie Mae. Great collection as well for the upcoming cold season. Can they magically appear in my wardrobe?

05 April 2016

FAVOURITES | Toronto Fashion Week Day 1

It's that time of the season. Now called Toronto Fashion Week (or simply TFW) was back at David Pecaut Square. This is the third time they've changed the name within five years, but that doesn't matter really. The first day of Toronto Fashion Week came out as a bang with Mikhael Kale as the opening show. Honestly, this designer never disappoints and always leaves a mark on the runway.