24 March 2016

PHOTO DIARY | Back to Los Angeles - Day 5

Currently writing this as I look out the window, dreaming about that clear blue sky. Unfortunately here in Toronto, winter doesn't seem to leave us yet. Spring is suppose to be already here!! Way to crush my heart Mother Nature. Anyway.. This is my final L.A. trip photo diary and tonight, I leave for New York City! I'm telling you my travels have never stopped since I began last summer. A couple of weeks after I come back from New York, I will be leaving on another trip. This time, it'll just be within Canada. Stay tuned!

Brighton Coffee Shop - 9600 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Until next time L.A. ! Here's what we've done in the past week: DAY 1DAY 2DAY 3, & DAY 4

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