31 March 2016

PREVIEW | Stella & Dot Summer Collection

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Summer Preview New Arrivals

Hello jewellery lovers! I've been a fan of Stella & Dot since I-dont-know-when. Just kidding. I discovered the brand three years ago when I was an intern at Dress for Success Toronto. In fact, I still have my first Stella & Dot piece sitting in my room. Now that I'm thinking about it, it was also my very first statement necklace. I still use it and still in very good shape. The quality of their jewellery is just phenomenal.

24 March 2016

PHOTO DIARY | Back to Los Angeles - Day 5

Currently writing this as I look out the window, dreaming about that clear blue sky. Unfortunately here in Toronto, winter doesn't seem to leave us yet. Spring is suppose to be already here!! Way to crush my heart Mother Nature. Anyway.. This is my final L.A. trip photo diary and tonight, I leave for New York City! I'm telling you my travels have never stopped since I began last summer. A couple of weeks after I come back from New York, I will be leaving on another trip. This time, it'll just be within Canada. Stay tuned!

22 March 2016

PHOTO DIARY | Back to Los Angeles - Day 4

Happiest place on Earth... Our fourth day in L.A. was quite an adventure. We had our little arguments, but that didn't stop us from enjoying Disneyland! Having no sleep the night before, I was was actually surprised that I had a lot of energy. Had two cups of coffee during breakfast and that's it.

20 March 2016

Official First Day of Spring

You know you had a good time when last night was all a blur. Although I barely had two hours of sleep, the sound of birds chirping this morning kept me awake. I'm not complaining; I actually felt butterflies in my stomach. It's a definite sign that spring is finally here! It's pretty chilly, but the sun is out and the sky is blue.

19 March 2016

PHOTO DIARY | Back in Los Angeles - Day 3

Day 3 - 5:30 AM - Off to see that L.A. sunrise

08 March 2016

07 March 2016

PHOTO DIARY | Back in Los Angeles - Day 1

I was back to the west coast! After four long winter months, I had the chance to soak in that California sunshine again. What made this much more fun was because I came with two of my closest friends! Although the trip was suppose to be for pleasure, I had to squeeze in a little bit of work in between. All for the blog. Not complaining, I love doing what I do. I love talking to people in the industry, plus it's a way to meet new people. You never know who you might end up talking to or working with, right? C'est la vie! 

06 March 2016

Deceive the Eyes

Are you able to tell the amount of layers on me? Probably, if you look closely. The best thing about it is that it doesn't look like I'm wearing SIX items of clothing. Did you guess right? Winter is all about layers to keep warm and stay stylish. The secret is to wear thermals as the first layer. I cannot stress how important this is. So how did I manage to wear this much clothing and look like I only have two? Light fabrics and dark colours. Wearing black as my outer layer gives the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Pairing it with a thigh high black boots streams down your figure, making you look taller than you actually are.