01 February 2016

Tips When Working From Home

The start of a new year is quite special because it signals the time to finally get started on something you've been meaning to do. For me.. that is finally getting jumpstarting my dream career! It might be really scary for those of you who are thinking of making the transition of turning your passion into a full-time job. Trust me. I know. It’s like trying to attempt the impossible. About three years ago I wasn't sure where this whole “blogging” thing would take me, but needless to say I’m glad that I stuck it out because now I’m living what once was my dream. My case is just a little bit different. I am currently in my third semester of my program so I am still only working part-time. However, I left my retail job a few weeks ago. I am now part of a start-up company as a project manager and starting out as a freelance stylist. You could say I got lucky.

Unless I have to step out for meetings, most of the time I’m answering emails, writing blog posts, and working on my actual job. But let me tell you.. working from home isn’t as glamorous as people might think! If you’re not careful, it can easily turn into you (or me) being in your pajamas for days at a time. And who can get any work done while being in their pajamas all day? Definitely not me. Whatever your passion may be, never think it’s impossible. The hardest part is starting out. But love it or hate it, work is work.

Breakfast, Shower, Get Dressed
It’s so easy to feel like you’re not working when you’re in your pajamas, and even unmotivated because you have no where to go. I’m not saying get full on decked out in makeup and shoes, but even a shower and styling your hair can do wonders! On the flip side, working from home is a great time to give your pores a break from wearing makeup every day.

Set Realistic Deadlines
You don’t have to quit your job the next day and join a band. The stories that you hear about someone quitting their job and pursuing their passion the very next day isn’t a doable possibility for everyone. Some of you guys might have bills or family to support! So instead, set goals for yourself where you are accomplishing something for your passion every day or every week. What works for your schedule?

Designate a Work Space
The best and worst thing about working from home is that you can do it anywhere! You can be on your couch, your bed.. but that can at time backfire because laying on my bed with a laptop just makes me want to watch Netflix or Shomi (just started watching New Girl). I’ve been finding it very helpful to designate an area that’s my "workspace" and I put things on my desk, like fashion books, to keep me inspired.

Be Successful In Your Mind
Or like what some say, “fake it til you make it.” The power of believing in yourself is so important when trying to carve out this path for yourself. The thing is, no one will be there with you every step of the way in this journey. So the only person you can really rely on to push yourself is yourself! I know, that sounds crazy, but so is pursuing your passion! It means believing in yourself when no one else does.

Get Plugged In
Sometimes I just need music to help me get focused. Being at home can be distracting especially because there is construction right in front of my building! So in order to focus, I just have to plug in for an hour or two with my music to forget my surroundings. It’s about quality not quantity really, and you’d be surprised with how much you can get done with a steady hardcore 2 hours of work if you just focus! (vs 4 hours of distracted work)

Keep Seeking Inspiration
This is actually something that I still struggle with even today. Staying inspired keeps your creative juices flowing so you can constantly keep creating more amazing work. Don’t underestimate the power of being surrounded by like-minded people to inspire and motivate you. I’m constantly ripping editorials out of magazines because looking at other people’s work  inspires me. It keeps me thinking outside of the box.

Open a Window
It can get pretty depressing feeling like you’re stuck in a house all day. So that’s why I personally like working in bright airy places so I don’t get uninspired. I’m an incredibly visual person, so having a lot of light helps me be creative. And having fresh air definitely helps liven up my senses and keeps me awake!

Be Afraid
Being afraid and uncomfortable can sometimes be a good feeling. I think oftentimes people use the feeling of fear as a gauge of something that they shouldn’t do. But I like to think of it as a gauge for “will this make me grow?” I was scared to market myself as a entrepreneur when I was first starting out, but I decided to just go for it and ended up printing out business cards and giving them to everyone! I'm not by any means established as of yet, but I decided to bite the bullet and step out into the industry.

Take A Break
Last but not least, don’t forget to play with your dog every once in a while! Just kidding. But definitely be sure to schedule in breaks. I know how easy it is to continuously sit behind a computer and forget how much time has passed by, but firstly it’s not healthy for you to sit at long periods of time, and secondly it’s not good for productivity when you’re feeling worn out. Go out for a coffee run or an actual run, but don’t forget to take your breaks!

Ride Out The Rough Times
I know, easier said than done. But trust me, there’s no substitute for hard work. I believe that you can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t have perseverance or hard work, then it doesn’t matter. It’s important to know that although you may feel discouraged (and you will), know that it won’t last forever. I’m really glad I never gave up at any part of my journey, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sit here and write this blogpost for you guys!

And there you have it, a few tips I’ve been using to make sure I stay productive during my time at home right now. There were so many times I wanted to give up because things were so rough, but I’m so glad I never gave up on my passion! The most beautiful thing about all this is that it all starts with just a dream. What are some tips you guys have? Share with me in the comments below!