26 February 2016

End of February Snowstorm

TGIF !! The two-day winter storm has passed and we're back to the blue skies (yet still cold) in Toronto. I'm just glad that mix of snow and rain is gone and the sidewalks are easier to walk on. The gross weather did not stop me, however, from walking around and enjoying my city. You just gotta learn how to deal with it and eventually will learn not to avoid it. It's actually the perfect time to leave your apartment, head to your nearest local cafe, sit by the window, and watch the beautiful snow falling from above. Trust me, it gives you this warm feeling inside. Also, it's a great spot to people watch. You get to see different kinds of people walking by or you'll end up listening to interesting conversations.

22 February 2016

GIVEAWAY | Toronto Vintage Show

Happy Monday! I'm starting the week with good news for all Vintage lovers out there or for people who just love attending events happening in the city. I am hosting this giveaway in collaboration with the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show for their two-day event that on March 5 and 6. I have six tickers to be divided between 3 lucky winners. So that's two tickets each! This is how it will work.. They will be given away via Twitter (see at the end of this post on how to enter). Starting today, Feb 22, and will be running until Wednesday, Mar 2. Tons of time to participate!

It’s a match made in heaven. Two of Toronto’s favourite antiques and vintage shows are joining forces to create the Holy Grail of vintage shopping, March 5th from 10am until 5pm and March 6th from 10am until 4pm in the Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition PlaceShoppers can browse through boutique style booths of vintage fashion vendors from Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

19 February 2016

Within A Walking Distance

I've been slacking and I feel like I've been neglecting this blog for the past i-dont-know-how-many days. Or weeks, really.. Winter is just not the right season to be out and about taking #OOTDs. At least not where I currently reside. I know winter in some places isn't this intense. Anyway, I'm just realizing now that the coat I'm wearing here has been getting a lot of exposure. And by that, I meant hundreds. Not literally of course..

11 February 2016

All Red Valentines

All Red Valentines

Shoutout to all lovely couples and singles out there! Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Literally. Three days from now. I thought I'd share with you my picks for the season of love. But don't wear them in one outfit. Or maybe you can pull it off ;) Different shades of reds with hits of blacks to darken the mood. And never forget about the florals. They will always be in the picture!

09 February 2016

Grey Over and Under

Here I am again with the lack of colour for my outfit post. It's cold six months a year where I live so it's definitely a challenge to dress stylish and warm at the same time. While all my winter coats are in neutrals, I tend to out together an outfit with the same colour palette. Everything dark and moody. There are moments when I want to attract people's eyes to the outfit. I do so by carrying a vibrant coloured purse. 

01 February 2016

Tips When Working From Home

The start of a new year is quite special because it signals the time to finally get started on something you've been meaning to do. For me.. that is finally getting jumpstarting my dream career! It might be really scary for those of you who are thinking of making the transition of turning your passion into a full-time job. Trust me. I know. It’s like trying to attempt the impossible. About three years ago I wasn't sure where this whole “blogging” thing would take me, but needless to say I’m glad that I stuck it out because now I’m living what once was my dream. My case is just a little bit different. I am currently in my third semester of my program so I am still only working part-time. However, I left my retail job a few weeks ago. I am now part of a start-up company as a project manager and starting out as a freelance stylist. You could say I got lucky.