16 November 2015

PHOTO DIARY | Travel Alone - LA Day 1

Another beautiful day out today in Toronto and guess what? This LA photo diary is up! Ever since I've flown to New York a couple of times during the summer, it triggered a case of extreme wanderlust in my system. Travelling around the world has been one of my life goals for as long as I can remember. This year was the start of fulfilling that dream and I couldn't stop thinking about being on a plane. I've actually thought of going to the airport, buy a random ticket (doesn't matter where I ended up going as long as the place is safe), and just have the most spontaneous trip of my life. Like I said.. #lifegoals. Enough about that.

I first flew to New York in June this year. My best friend and I had plans to travel because we have intersession week from school at the same time. We thought of going to either San Francisco, Chicago, or Los Angeles. A little bit more than a month before the fall break, I've decided to fly to California (nowhere in particular yet at this point). I was checking flights and places to stay. Until I opted for Los Angeles.. Somehow our trip didn't quite go as well as planned. For her at least. For me? I travelled alone.

7:00AM EST: YYZ >> MSP || Arrived 8:12AM
9:09AM: MSP >> LAX || Arrived 11:15AM PST

TOUCHDOWN LA! Once I've settled in to the apartment I was staying at. I headed up to Hollywood Blvd. Not because I wanted to see this infamous tourist spot, but because I had to run to Sephora and CVS for my make up essentials. Yes, I had to. Let's rewind before my flight.. I was in the car on the way to the airport that I realized I left my make up bag at home. See my dilemma?

Although my main concern was to buy make up, I still brought my camera with me since I'll walking through the Hollywood Walk of Fame on my way back. I definitely blended in with the tourists. I expected the area to be busy and it surprisingly wasn't. Probably because it was around lunch on a Wednesday. So I took my camera out and took snaps of things that caught my eye. There is a photo of me and this Thor guy in the sidewalk (scroll down). That was not by choice but whatever, I had no means of escaping haha

Then it was time to go back the apartment. Had to recharge.. my phone. I planned on taking a nap but I was scared that it might end up being at least four hours. Did not want to risk wasting time. While I was charging my phone, I decided to go to the rooftop patio and I loved the view. Every. Bit. Of. It. Plus, I finally experienced that California sunshine! Honestly, I will never get tired of the weather there.

At around 6:30 PM, I headed down to West LA and met up with Valerzrina of Val Next Door for dinner. We went to this place called Bachi Burger and the food was amazing! That truffle fries though **insert heart emoji** Didn't end up finishing the meal. It was good for one person. Or maybe I got too shy to devour it. Who knows. Val mentioned that the dessert place she posted on her Instagram (@valnextdoor) is across the street. It's called B Sweet. Despite being full from dinner, we bought a couple of bread puddings to go. I didn't get a chance to eat it while I was there but I had taken it home to Toronto.

That was the end of my first day in LA. By the time I got home (which was around 10PM), I was so ready to pass out. That tiny jet lag was not fun. Timezone difference messed up my sleeping schedule.

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