01 November 2015

I Don't Workout But.. (ft. Fabletics)

I've never travelled as much as I have in these last six months. Flew to New York for the first time in June, cottage trip outside the city in July, back to New York in August, and I just got back from my trip to LA this morning. I know the most important thing is to stay healthy. From different time zones and sleeping patterns, you need to take care of your body! No matter how successful you are in your career, or how busy you are, health should always come first! So below are my 5 tips to stay healthy while traveling!

1. Don’t Guilt Trip
When traveling it’s easy to indulge! Like how I stuffed my face with different kinds meals every day. You’re in a new place, you’re off your schedule and routine but it’s important to remember to pace yourself. It’s all about balance, so be careful not to over eat! Enjoy some goodies while you travel, but balance it out by walking around when you can and exploring the city!

2. Gym
Book a hotel that has a gym! I know, I know, working out is the last thing you want to think about while traveling. You don’t have to do an intense hour-long work out, but even 15 minutes on the treadmill can make all the difference! Or take the subway instead of a cab! It’s more physical activity, cheaper, and a great place to people watch!

3. Healthy Snacks 
Carry around a healthy bar, or a small baggie of walnuts or almonds in your purse! It’s better to periodically snack than stuffing your face at the end of the day! Also, snacking helps boost your metabolism! Having health bars really helped out my team and I when we would be out the whole day. Even though we didn’t have time to eat, we were able to snack and keep our energy up!

4. Liquids 
Drink lots and lots of liquids! More often than not, when you think you’re hungry, you’re just thirsty! What I like to do when I’m feeling hungry is I’d down a half a bottle of water, then gauge whether I’m actually hungry or not! With all that walking that you’re going to be doing, it’s important to stay hydrated!

5. Vitamins 
Make sure you bring your vitamins with you. When you’re traveling, you’re exposed to a new environments and a lot of germs! So before you start traveling, or even on the plane, I recommend that you start drinking it to build up your immune system! Always keep hand sanitizer nearby too!


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