02 October 2015

PHOTO DIARY | #GentsExpo 2015

Toronto Men's Fashion Week is long gone but that doesn't mean that's the end of a full event for you handsome gents! Of course, ladies are always welcome to attend. On the weekend that just passed, The Gentlemen's Expo has returned for its third year with tons of great attractions, entertainment, and all things related to fashion, tech, music, sports, cars, food, and most importantly, alcohol. That's pretty much why guys love to attend these kinds of events. All for the booze. Someone tell me I'm wrong ;p

We stopped by the event on its second day, which was the Saturday, at around 6:30pm. I was actually surprised on how many people were still there and how many more came later in the night. Thought we arrived a little bit to late. Obviously I was wrong. I found quite a few interesting stuff that was included at the expo. We did a quick scan through of everything and had walked around for a lap, until we were on this one stage where there was a hypnotist. One of the guys that participated from the audience was hilarious. I was watching mainly him for pure entertainment. His reactions were priceless. After the show was over, we had done another lap. In total, we probably walked around the place five times. Not even kidding.

Thanks so much Gentlemen's Expo for giving me this opportunity to be part of media this year! Will be happy to go again to the next one. #GentsExpo

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