29 October 2015

Hello Sunshine, I Feel the Heat

There will never be an appropriate time than now to publish this outfit photo. I know I have been very inconsistent in updating the blog recently. If you follow me on Instagram ( @tiffanyc_ ), you know it's been such a crazy few months! I've been travelling a lot then midterms came then Toronto Fashion Week came. BUSY BUSY BUSY. Back to my point, I am currently in the west coast. Los Angeles to be exact. It was kind of a last minute trip tbh. I just wanted to get away during intersession week at school. So I decided to fly somewhere warm. And this is such a perfect time because Toronto right now is bleh. I'm still in denial that winter is coming. I say this every year but whatever. Not used to it!

19 October 2015

What A Hectic Week Ahead

Hiiiiiii... I usually don't get super excited on Mondays but this week is particularly special for me. World MasterCard Fashion Week starts today! I get to hang out with all my lovely fashion friends this time of the year and I'm thrilled to meet new faces in the industry. Can't wait to see what everyone's outfits are! Also, it will be crazy and stressful because my midterms are happening this week. That's not fun. So I will have to manage my time wisely and pass all of them. SEE YOU!

ps. Don't forget to vote today my Canadian friends!

07 October 2015

Remains of Summer

I'm not ready for the drop of temperature during the fall season; hence the bare legs outfit. Even during the cold months I like to wear colourful prints to brighten up the day. So for me, it's summer all year round. Well.. In regards to colours and prints at least.

02 October 2015

PHOTO DIARY | #GentsExpo 2015

Toronto Men's Fashion Week is long gone but that doesn't mean that's the end of a full event for you handsome gents! Of course, ladies are always welcome to attend. On the weekend that just passed, The Gentlemen's Expo has returned for its third year with tons of great attractions, entertainment, and all things related to fashion, tech, music, sports, cars, food, and most importantly, alcohol. That's pretty much why guys love to attend these kinds of events. All for the booze. Someone tell me I'm wrong ;p