04 September 2015

Sassoon Salon - Yorkville

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Jessica of Budman PR inviting me to take a tour around Sassoon Salon's new space in Yorkville (122 Scollard St.) She also offered me to receive a complimentary service. It was such a great timing because I was already planning to get my hair done before I go on my trip. Also, last time I had my hair dyed was in March. PURPLE! Then it faded. So it was time for a change.

I really wanted to try the grey hair trend so this was "the" opportunity. I told them what I want and so John Beeson, the colour director, had asked me to come in before my appointment for a consultation. Which I thought was really nice of him, just so he knows what we'll be doing and not just go into it without some kind of a plan. I had no trouble finding the place mainly due to passing by it accidentally while I was around the area a week prior. Even if I didn't, it was really easy to find. There's this thing called Google Map ;)

And now.. The day has arrived. John had explained to me that they grey I wanted was hard to achieve. No big deal. We opted for a steel grey instead. But before that, he did a Malibu treatment for my hair to clean out the remaining purple dye in my hair. He didn't want to bleach my hair more because we don't wanna risk ruining it. Honestly, it looked so much better and it almost made me not do anything more to it! I resisted and went through with the grey. It was a fairly quick service. Took about an hour and a half. 

Overall, I had a really good time at the academy. The ladies, Carol and ... (I forgot her name. SORRY!!), at the reception were very welcoming. Lan, who was helping out John, was also very polite and offered to blow dry and style my hair at the end. Such a nice gesture. I am awful with small talks so every time I get services like this, I end up not talking to them and I feel awkward. Gotta work on that! Haha anyway, my hair turned out really well. John said wait for it to wash out a little bit for the grey to show. Now it's been two weeks and it's slowly fading. Super excited!

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