23 September 2015

PHOTO DIARY | Celebrating in NYC - Day 3

Very sorry for posting this a little late! This was supposed to be up on Friday last week but I didn't get a chance to. Cannot believe it's our last day (like always). Of course, our first stop would be Shake Shack. I know, I know. Again, right? But whatever! We don't have that burger joint in Canada. We didn't know what time they open and we got there pretty early. So we ended up chilling at Madison Square Park.

While waiting, we decided to shoot some outfit photos. Because duh. There's no question why.

Next stop was the Grand Central Terminal. This time I sort of learned how to use the manual settings for my camera, so I played around with it to get a better lighting for my shots. We pretty much stayed there for quite a while. Took advantage of the free WiFi through the very cool Apple Store inside. I also love people watching so that was a plus. We were there during lunch hour and I got to observe different kinds of people walking around - locals and tourists alike. Such a huge difference between the two.

YES! I found this New York Public Library building! I'm not that much of a fan of books in general but this was a landmark for me that I had to go see it. Also, I first knew about it through the movie called The Day After Tomorrow. The interior of this building was spectacular. I was just a bit disappointed because the main reading hall was closed due to renovations (I think). I was really sad.

Our next stop was Central Park. This time, I went to the west side. In my personal opinion, the Upper West Side is more upscale than the Upper East Side. It just had a different vibe. We saw this man in the sidewalk and was curious on what he was up to. As my friend was watching him draw, I sneakily took a shot of his work in progress. I'm telling you this photo does not do justice on how amazing his work was. Too bad I didn't get a chance to speak with him because I didn't want to interrupt. He was very focused.

Headed deep inside the park we found ourselves around the Bethesda Terrace. Another Gossip Girl iconic film locations. Can you tell I'm such a fan? DEFINITELY. We also watched a group of performers in the area but I didn't get to shoot anything. My camera was dying! And my phone battery was also empty.

Last stop before we went to our place was the 9/11 Memorial. Again, a few roses were dedicated to the victims of the tragedy. We didn't stay long because we were running out of time. Then as we were walking to the apartment, we came across this food place so we grabbed some dinner to eat at the airport.

Recap from the past two days in the city, here is Day 1 & Day 2.

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