14 September 2015

PHOTO DIARY | Celebrating in NYC - Day 1

Remember last time when I said I will be back in New York one day? Well.. I DID! And it was sooner than expected. Couple of months later when I visited the city for the first time, I found myself walking the streets of Manhattan again. It was such an incredible experience that I couldn't get it off my head. Seriously, a piece of me was left behind and is now permanently stamped in New York. I decided to celebrate my birthday on a different approach this year. Prior to this trip, I had hosted a BBQ party with the closest of my friends and went out for drink with a few others. On the day of, I flew back to New York. It felt like I never left. This time, it was my mission to go to the places I didn't get a chance to go to last time.

We stayed in the East Village/Lower East Side neighbourhood. Which was such a great area because it was super close to everything! There were tons of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and two subway lines were both within walking distance. And although there were a bunch of bars in the vicinity, it was still quiet and safe to walk around late at night. What I absolutely loved about the place we stayed at was the rooftop patio. It was huge. Great place to absorb NYC's morning sun and to relax at after a long day of walking.

Once we've settled in and took a little nap (our flight was at 6:30 in the morning), we finally decided to head out and grab lunch. Ended up going to Madison Square Garden and walk around where we found this was happening in the middle of the street. Completely forgot what this was about and thought I had taken a photo of the sign. But I checked my phone and apparently I didn't. Anyway, they were handing out free drinks by the entrance so we grabbed a couple. Then we had Shake Shack for lunch.

After that, we headed to SoHo. One of my favourite places in the city. I've seen a lot of it through Instagram photos and I've been dying to go. I finally got to step on the streets of SoHo and of course, I was fangirling over the cobblestones. Lame, I know. What can a fashion girl do?

After a lot more walking, I had to stop by Magnolia bakery. I HAD TO. Because the first time we went there, my friend and I forgot the cheesecakes in the fridge! Long story short, we didn't even gotten a taste of it. So this time around, I had to buy another one and actually eat it. Which I did at the end of the trip.

We went back to our place to take a break, showered and changed clothes before heading back out again. We've been under the sun for so long that a shower was definitely needed.

 Washington Square Park was a stop before going to Chelsea and have dinner.

Discovered this while walking on the High Line. It was like a salsa dancing event. There was actually a live music at the other end. Wasn't sure if everyone was allowed to join but it looked super fun to be a part of.

Our final stop on the first day was Times Square. Had to go for a coffee run first though because my energy is in its final stages after walking through the High Line and struggling to find where the nearest subway station was. Stayed there for a bit and just enjoyed the atmosphere around us.

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