21 August 2015

All White Friday Vibes

#TGIF | Hope everyone is starting the weekend early! If not, fret no more, soon you'll be able to enjoy the last day of your work week. Speaking of starting the weekend early, I almost completely forgot to publish this new outfit post today. It's not that I had a list of things to do, but actually I was doing absolutely nothing that it slipped my mind until I looked at the time - which woke me up from a delusion that I have nothing else to do the rest of the day. But anyway.. FYI, I might not be able to post anything next week because I'll be away for a trip. Will try though! 'Til then, CIAO!

19 August 2015

Too Hot To Care

I swear it's not what you're thinking! Toronto summer is not the very best. The sun is out - which is good - but the breeze is very warm. Wearing a knit dress wasn't a great idea either for this kind of weather. Yes, us bloggers make mistakes once in a while. Fashion over comfort, right? NOT. It was way too hot and I was sweating buckets. Literally. So I decided to wear a hat to cover my drenched forehead. I seriously looked like a boy in this outfit. But clearly it didn't matter. Hence the title.

14 August 2015

Shades of Blue and Green

Hello everyone, happy Friday! I finished my last exam for the summer term earlier today and I couldn't be any more happier. I can now enjoy my  three-week summer vacation. Except on days when I have work. Still gotta earn those cash you know. Nonetheless, I'd like to think I am finally before school starts again.

06 August 2015

Navy & White Two Piece

There was a time when all I shop for was maxi skirts and maxi dresses. This summer's weather has skyrocketed up to 35 degrees (Us, Torontonians, aren't used to this! Or maybe it's just me.) so I don't get to wear them all the time. Just because when it's hot and humid out, I like to keep my legs bare. For this particular day though, I wanted to give my maxi skirt some love. I decide to wear it with it's matching top to make it look like I'm wearing a maxi dress. They are actually two separate pieces. Fooled ya!

03 August 2015

Before the Sun Sets

I'm no expert but they say the golden hour is one of the best times to take pictures. Most say it's the time of day with the best lighting. In case your not familiar with the phrase, the golden hour is a period just after sunrise or right before sunset. A lot of photographers shoot the hour (usually) before sunset because who loves waking up super early in the morning, really. Especially during the summer when the sun rises at like 5am! All kidding aside, I also feel like it's a great time to take photos because the light is so much softer and the temperature cools down a bit at the end of the day.