26 June 2015


I didn't realize until I was going through my photos that I didn't really took a lot of photos during our second day in New York. I think I was mostly concerned about my #OOTDs. Which is both a good and a bad thing in my opinion #bloggerprobs Anyway, this day is the start of a full day of walking.

Just to make everyone clear, I DON'T KNOW ANYONE IN NEW YORK. Let us go back to the moments before this picture below.. Our first stop of the day was Grand Central Station. You know, where Serena van der Woodsen was introduced to the world. Haha jk jk, non-Gossip Girl fans might not get it. But who doesn't know Serena??? Enough with the blabbering. It was actually pretty cool. Very bad lighting inside though so photos didn't turn out that great. Next, we went to this shop called Flying Tiger. Very adorable.

We walked towards Union Square and was trying to take outfit photos. Then this happened.. A random dude stopped me and was being friendly and all. Asking a bunch of questions. Then he saw my friend carrying a camera and asked to take a picture of us. I do not remember his name.

Then, we headed out to Brooklyn. I discovered this shop through Instagram weeks before my trip and had told them I will check it out once I'm in the city. The place is called Dahlia (@shopdahlia) and it's located at 225 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211. We met Tim, the shop manager, who was very approachable and we chatted a little while we were there. It's too bad I forgot to take photos inside and the other stores that we went to along that street. I guess I got too shy to take my camera out.

After a little more shopping on day two, we had lunch at Pasar Malam (208 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211). Brooklyn has a very different vibe than Manhattan. It was very quiet but most likely it was because we were there right at noon on a Tuesday. We walked around the area after lunch and came across this thrift store (which I, again, don't know the name of). Then we headed down to DUMBO (another great neighbourhood in Brooklyn) to see the two famous bridges.

We ended up staying there longer than planned so we decided to take the ferry back to the city instead of walking through the Brooklyn Bridge. Then we walked up to Wall St and saw the infamous New York Stock Exchange. Oh, The Wolf of Wall Street.. Oh, Leonardo DiCaprio.. Sorry Batman fans (haha get it?) We also went to the 9/11 Memorial but for some reason, I only filmed there and no photos. We didn't end up going to the museum because it was too late. Tickets were no longer available that day. So we headed back to our place, showered, changed, then went out to Queens to have Jollibee for dinner. Then our New York night life has begun.. We were just everywhere!

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  1. The food looks so amazing! I always dreamed of visiting New York one day :)

    1. I would love to go back again! So many places I haven't seen yet.