29 June 2015

Denim-like on Denim

Hello Monday. It's a start of a new week. Another day closer to the second half of the year. Bet you never thought of it like that. Until now.. ;) haha all kidding aside, just thought I'd publish and outfit post in-between my New York recaps just so there's a bit of variety here and there. Shooting this outfit was very interesting. We were literally in the middle of a bridge above the highway. Pretty scary. The funny part was, we were driving down the same highway and I looked up onto the bridge, I realized we must've looked funny. My sister, who was my photographer at the time, was crouching down to get a better angle.

top Zara | jeans Zara | shoes Keds | bag Franco Sarto
sunglasses Rayban | necklaces Little Burgundy | watch Fossil

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