27 May 2015

When they say wear all black...

Having a debut is one of my culture's traditions. Back in the Philippines, turning 18 is the year of transition to adulthood. To celebrate this, Filipinos usually throw a huge party for friends and family. I haven't gone to a Philippine debut in forever! You know, because my friends and I are past that age now haha So when we got invited to one I had no clue what to wear. I initially wanted to wear a one-piece jumpsuit and I found the perfect one. It didn't suit me properly though so I switched to a top and pant combo instead.

The invitation mentioned the attire must be all black but I decided to ignore the memo. I went for a black and white outfit with a few colours here and there. I knew wearing a bit of white wouldn't attract too much attention but not wearing a dress did. As I looked around the venue, I noticed I was the only young woman wearing a pant suit. Which made me feel so cool. Anyway, enough about my ego. For the longest time I couldn't decide what shoes to wear. I finally opted for this dark mustard, snakeskin print, pointed stilettos. Topped it off with mixed metal accessories, a baby blue bag, and a light grey light trench.

top Banana Republic | pant Topshop | trench coat Forever 21
necklace Forever 21 | bracelet Summer Charades | rings Aldo Accessories
shoes Zara | bag Rebecca Minkoff

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