27 May 2015

When they say wear all black...

Having a debut is one of my culture's traditions. Back in the Philippines, turning 18 is the year of transition to adulthood. To celebrate this, Filipinos usually throw a huge party for friends and family. I haven't gone to a Philippine debut in forever! You know, because my friends and I are past that age now haha So when we got invited to one I had no clue what to wear. I initially wanted to wear a one-piece jumpsuit and I found the perfect one. It didn't suit me properly though so I switched to a top and pant combo instead.

22 May 2015

FOOD FRIDAYS | Chocolate Chip Cookies

Food Fridays is back this month! I know it's suppose to be on the first Friday of each month but I didn't get a chance to edit my photos. I apologize for the little delay! Here's a really quick and easy recipe for chocolate chip cookies. And yes, it was very tempting to eat raw cookie dough as a child but I assure you this literally took me less than half an hour!

20 May 2015

Sky High Heels

As you know.. ripped, high waisted, loose fitted jeans have been my thing for the past year or so. I love it's versatility when it comes to styling. I can mix and match it with literally everything! Anyway, this is not the point of this post. *cough look up to the title cough* I believe this is one of the very few outfit posts that I am wearing heels. This might even be the very first. I don't wear heels on a daily basis but some days I really love feeling super tall. #shortgirlprobs. This pair of ankle boots is one of my go-to heels because it's really comfortable. I could wear this for more than a couple of hours and my feet won't get super sore.

13 May 2015

Hues Of Purple

For some unknown reason, I went through a mini phase where I decided to wear oversize graphic tees. I think I thought I'd wear it by itself. You know.. as a shirt dress. Honestly it definitely looked really cute on but I realized I don't have the confidence wearing that out. Just a tad bit too short. It's like wearing a super short dress/skirt/whatever. And that's not really my thing. What did I do? Paired it with pants. I haven't been a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl for the past i don't know about a year now. I feels very dressed down whenever I wear the ensemble. It's a very basic and go-to outfit for running around the city. I have to find a way to make me feel like I'm dressed up when I want to go for a t-shirt and jeans look.

11 May 2015

Tuck It In Unevenly

Hello everyone, I'm very sorry for the lack of posts for the past two weeks! I had a five-day work week before summer school started then got busy (but not really) during the first week of classes. I planned to write an outfit post on my breaks between classes but for some reason, I didn't get a chance to.

Anyway, here's my long awaited post! ...for those you are impatiently waiting for an update ;) Warmer weather means more opportunities to shoot outdoors! If you've been following this blog for at least a year, then you know I work with Jun Her of http://thekoreanbarber.tumblr.com for my outfit photos. Now that we're getting a lot more sunny days, it's time to hit the streets again!