05 April 2015

WMCFW DAY 5: Tatsuaki, Jaan Choxi, The Wild North, 3.Paradis, Stephan Caras, Mikael D

I cannot believe it's over. The final day of World MasterCard Fashion Week has yet again wrapped up for another season. Of course, I was very excited to see old friends. Although a week is not enough to catch up because of the hectic schedule during the day. Too bad I only see them twice a year. Or at some events coincidentally.  I've also met a lot more of amazing and talented people in the industry - whether it be photographers, fellow bloggers, and even designers. See you all again in six months!


Dan Liu, creative director of Tatsuaki, attacks his latest collection "Retro Aliens" with futuristic approach. Inspired by the revolution of the 50s to the 60s fashion trends, the FW15 collection goes from the 50s dark, simple and monotone styles to the 60s with creative details like patterns and touches of colour.


Designed by Canadian-born creative director Sajan Choksi, the focus of the brand is to showcase the style and energy of Toronto through modern suiting. For a debut collection, Jaan Choxi proved that classic cuts can be modernized with a simple tweak. Slim fit suits, leather separates, and fur trimmed overcoats. It was a little bit reminiscent of former WMCFW residents, Christopher Bates and HD Homme. Still unique.


If you're on a hunt for a new winter coat from a fresh talent, then I recommend The Wild North. With those two or three weeks with at least minus 20 degree weather we had, this collection was put together to be prepared for the Northern elements. Made with the finest materials, the jackets will both keep you warm and look stylish. Step aside, Mackage, you have a new competition.


Another new player in this season's WMCFW was 3.Paradis. With so little time to prepare for this presentation (given the fact that it was a last minute sub-in for 111 by Parloque), I was charmed. The brand's androgynous collection was strong yet neutral. With a minimal colour palette, it almost looks like you've got your basics covered! The tailoring on the monochrome looks were flawless. I was  just weirded out by the oxygen masks until I found out that the collection was influenced by lab coats and dystopian hospitals. That's why it felt like I was ready to be taken away by doctors!


I was thrilled to see Stephan Caras' FW15 collection as his shows are always sexy and eye-catching. This Toronto based designer returns to the runway to present his RUBI womenswear collection. Vibrant reds stood out against the monochromatic base; although I wasn't really into that choice of colours together. Reminds me of Santa Claus. Especially the pieces with a belt on them. However, I was very impressed with the intricate lattice detailing, which created sophistication that brought a whole new meaning to glam rock.


Can you think of a better way to close WMCFW than Mikael D? I THINK NOT. His designs are always a favourite and this season was no different. With this FW15 collection, designer Mikael D naturally brings to life the imperial world of 'Mystical China'. Countless pieces were designed with  extremely intricate details. It was definitely a sight to see. Spectacular. Clearly the audience would agree as the tent was 150% full.

Photography by Che Rosales and George Pimentel


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