04 April 2015

WMCFW DAY 4: Kania, Hilary Macmillan, Lole, Farley Chatto, Soia & Kyo, Rudsak

When you attend every single show of the week, by the fourth day some of us might feel a bit hungover. Who knows that saying, "One tequila.. two tequila.. three tequila.. floor"? Or maybe it's just me? Either way, the same kind of concept applies to WMCFW.  Not from the alcohol intake in-between shows (although that Grey Goose booth looks very tempting) *wink wink* It actually takes a lot out of your energy. While society often thinks of fashion as a glamorous and superficial industry, it is in fact hard work. No one really knows what it's like to work backstage. Except, you know, people in the business. Oh the pressure. Just think of a production of a play. It's exactly the same.


Didn't get to see the Kania collection but my gosh, the models' hair! Super edgy. I AM OBSESSED.


Renowned for her unique prints and luxurious fabrications, Hilary Macmillan presented a darker tone this season with an interpretation of a Mexican Day of the Dead. Colours for the collection are a study of contrast. It featured black leather, accented with flashes of vibrant red and off-white ensembles. Keeping with this dark and moody vibe, Hilary brought live music in partnership with St. Royals Entertainment performing covers of Beyonce's Crazy in Love and Sia's Elastic Heart. Showcased in the studio, I never understood why her collection wasn't presented on the runway. The space was ridiculously full with show-goers. I guess it just adds to the very intimate energy of the show.


I have never been much of a fan of working out or the great outdoors so I decided to skip this Lole's presentation and grabbed myself a cup of coffee. Based on the runway photos I went through, the pieces ranged from indoor workout attire all the way to outdoor wear appropriate for the mountains. It's comparable with Lululemon just a bit more fashion forward.


With over 25 years of experience in the design industry, Farley Chatto debuted his Czar Nicholas collection at WMCFW. It was inspired by the lavish lifestyle of Russia's last monarch. There was a lot of fur. Sorry, PETA. Every piece reigned the runway. (Hah, get it?) I was kind of transported to the world of Anastasia - full of glamour and regality. While I adore the furs, he had a few peasant-themed pieces, paired with bread props and bundles of sticks, I was little confused. It was very era-appropriate though.


Ever since I purchased my first Soia & Kyo jacket three years ago, it was proof that love at first sight do exist. 80 percent of my outerwear jackets are from Soia & Kyo and every season of fashion I have to wear at least one of them. The obsession is real. The Montreal-based brand's FW15 collection was inspired by a Norwegian landscape, expressing refined elegance. It featured rounded silhouettes, dropped shoulders, and long hemlines. I'm eyeing that full length burgundy overcoat!


Rudsak always presents a very strong collection. One of the much anticipated shows during WMCFW. If you would ask every person in the audience to describe Rudsak's show in two words, the answer is very simple: "COOL REBEL." From the mysterious smoke surging over the runway, to the black and white city shots on the big screen, it definitely was a perfect combination of everything needed to create an extraordinary, breathtaking show. A huge, booming applause. A+ for Rudsak! Never fails.

Photography by Che Rosales & George Pimentel

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