01 April 2015

WMCFW DAY 1: Mikhael Kale, Sid Neigum, Pink Tartan

Last week, World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW for short) took over David Pecaut Square yet again for its Fall/Winter 2015 Collections. The week-long spectacle showcased hundreds of men's and women's fashion by Canadian designers. Despite the horrible Canadian cold, this season's fashion week was blazing hot in and out of the tents. The air was unmistakably filled with that World MasterCard Fashion Week energy. There's been a certain routine I've noticed for the past four seasons I've attended - Stacey McKenzie in a jaw-dropping gown, nicotine-addict editors huddled in circles outside, and WiFi that would drain your battery even before loading a webpage. What's different about WMCFW these days is an increase in diversity, there is an ever-growing range of ethnicities on the runways and in the seats.


First to open the week was Mikhael Kale. Inspired by Italian songwriter and producer Giorgio Moroder, his colourful designs featured heavy, ornate embellishments, a mixture of traditional and innovative materials. One word: divine. Each piece was delicately detailed to the stitch with vintage beads. Cut outs were once again featured throughout the collection as well as a palette full of warm and citrus colours.


Mercedes Benz Start-Up emerging designer and golden boy, Sid Neigum, returned this season with a new collection while keeping his signature aesthetic. Large, structural shapes, jagged origami influences, and a monochromatic palette, there was a little bit of deja vu feeling from his past collection. Also adding a live string quartet during the show. It's not necessarily a "bad" thing. My breath was still taken away from his pieces but it's just the same.


To end the first day of fashion week, Pink Tartan was the last show of the night. The first act was heavily influenced by the 70s trends and tons of earthy-coloured knits. The collection quickly took a 180 degree turn and transitioned into a more minimalistic approach with stylings of high beanies, and loose silhouettes. Plus, lots and lots of fur. Pink Tartan will definitely keep you warm for fall and winter!

Photography by Che Rosales

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