27 April 2015

Too Much Spinning

Instagram has always been a networking platform for me. I get to meet people from around the world in this virtual space. What surprised me a little was that it also became a place where I got to talk to and collaborate with photographers. I've met up with Arnold (@arnoldlan) a week prior to our shoot, which was kind of new for me because I don't do meetings first. I usually talk to someone through email or social media and decide on a date when to shoot. It was actually great because we got to know each other, planned what kinds of shots we'll do, and talk about random things.

22 April 2015

Inside My Little Black Bags

Happy Hump Day everyone! Well.. Not really for me because I am currently sitting in front of my desk, writing this post. Plus the weather is not looking so good at the moment so there's a higher probability that I will stay in for the rest of the day. Which what my routine looks like on my days off.

At the beginning of this month I was contacted by Eva Luk from The Exhibit team. Confused about what this is about? The Exhibit is a premier online destination for fashion jewelry based in Toronto. They are officially launching in May 1st. Only a few days left! Love supporting local brands! I received three beautiful pieces from The Exhibit and I can't wait to share them with you. Read til the end to access the website.

17 April 2015

Blue, Red, and White

Sunny days are definitely here. I read on the news that warm weather is here to stay as golf courses are set to open this week. And this time, mother nature is on our side for good! ( FINALLY ! ) Toronto has been having two-digit temperatures and I hope this is just a start. I haven't put away my coats as of yet just because it still gets a bit chilly during nighttime. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

13 April 2015

The Brick Wall

Brick walls have been in use for several thousands of years. They have been traditionally used in areas of both residence and industry. Having a brick wall in your house (or apartment) adds a lot of character to a space. What really attracts me to it is it gives me a feeling like I live in a loft - which is my ultimate dream space. Brick walls and huge windows. Oh, I'll be in heaven. Even for an office space, it's just amazing.

10 April 2015

FOOD FRIDAYS | Pasta and Sausage Stew

"Easy to make and even easier to enjoy, this stew is the perfect one-pot dinner. This recipe makes a big batch so you can freeze half for a rainy day."

08 April 2015

GIVEAWAY | Mother's Day at Paintlounge

If you live in Toronto or have read articles online, you might have heard about Paintlounge. It's basically an art space that pioneered and promotes the concept of "social painting." Their goal is to show you that it is fun, relaxing, and actually beneficial for your everyday lives. It doesn't matter if you're left-brained or right-brained. Also, no drawing skills are needed! It's a friendly, casual atmosphere where they provide the canvas, paint, and supplies, complete with a cafe bar to motivate and refuel your creativity.

Paintlounge is currently hosting a special Mother's Day Contest and giving away one free Mother's Day package for two. It includes two solo freestyle painting sessions, two cafe drinks, and a special tea sampler gift for Mom. Entering is super easy! All you need to do is tell us why your mom is awesome. Simply complete the form on this link: http://www.paintlounge.ca/mothers-day-contest/, or respond via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by adding the hashtag #PaintloungeContest.

Winner will be announced on Monday, May 4, 2015.

Spring Isn't Here Quite Yet

They said.. "April showers bring May flowers" but what happens when it suddenly snows? I have no idea. What I do know is there is never a much appropriate time to post this outfit other than this week.  Why? This past weekend, mother nature decided to, as per usual, surprise us with Toronto's weather. It was a perfect Saturday morning. Lots and lots of sun. And then BAM! It gets colder later in the day and on my way home, snow everywhere! Which lasted until Sunday by the way. Not impressed.

05 April 2015

WMCFW DAY 5: Tatsuaki, Jaan Choxi, The Wild North, 3.Paradis, Stephan Caras, Mikael D

I cannot believe it's over. The final day of World MasterCard Fashion Week has yet again wrapped up for another season. Of course, I was very excited to see old friends. Although a week is not enough to catch up because of the hectic schedule during the day. Too bad I only see them twice a year. Or at some events coincidentally.  I've also met a lot more of amazing and talented people in the industry - whether it be photographers, fellow bloggers, and even designers. See you all again in six months!

04 April 2015

WMCFW DAY 4: Kania, Hilary Macmillan, Lole, Farley Chatto, Soia & Kyo, Rudsak

When you attend every single show of the week, by the fourth day some of us might feel a bit hungover. Who knows that saying, "One tequila.. two tequila.. three tequila.. floor"? Or maybe it's just me? Either way, the same kind of concept applies to WMCFW.  Not from the alcohol intake in-between shows (although that Grey Goose booth looks very tempting) *wink wink* It actually takes a lot out of your energy. While society often thinks of fashion as a glamorous and superficial industry, it is in fact hard work. No one really knows what it's like to work backstage. Except, you know, people in the business. Oh the pressure. Just think of a production of a play. It's exactly the same.

03 April 2015

WMCFW DAY 3: Atelier Wonder, Triarchy, Malorie Urbanovitch, Klaxon Howl, Hayley Elsaesser, Mackage

Whether you were in the office or at World MasterCard Fashion Week, Wednesday still felt like a "hump day." With two days of Canadian designers already behind us (see my recaps of Day 1 and Day 2), some of us have felt a little "fashion weak." #firstworldproblems. Day 3 at WMCFW started off with the Toronto Fashion Incubator's Press and Buyer's Brunch. This two-day event showcases the best in emerging talents. It's an amazing opportunity for media and retailers to directly interact with designers and their creations.

For lovers of street style, this was definitely the day to be at David Pecaut Square. Atelier Wonder and Hayley Elsaesser presented unisex collections that drifted heavily from the WMCFW norm of more traditional high-end womenswear.

02 April 2015

WMCFW DAY 2: Helder Diego, Narces, Vawk, Melissa Nepton, David Dixon

I was very much looking forward to day two of World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW). Mainly due the celebration of 20 years of David Dixon and I was kind of intrigued by VAWK's Subway collaboration. Fashion goers, despite Mother Nature's stubbornness for colder weather conditions, were adored in white and pastel colours, seemed to boldly say one thing: spring has sprung.

01 April 2015

WMCFW DAY 1: Mikhael Kale, Sid Neigum, Pink Tartan

Last week, World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW for short) took over David Pecaut Square yet again for its Fall/Winter 2015 Collections. The week-long spectacle showcased hundreds of men's and women's fashion by Canadian designers. Despite the horrible Canadian cold, this season's fashion week was blazing hot in and out of the tents. The air was unmistakably filled with that World MasterCard Fashion Week energy. There's been a certain routine I've noticed for the past four seasons I've attended - Stacey McKenzie in a jaw-dropping gown, nicotine-addict editors huddled in circles outside, and WiFi that would drain your battery even before loading a webpage. What's different about WMCFW these days is an increase in diversity, there is an ever-growing range of ethnicities on the runways and in the seats.