13 March 2015

This was Friday the 13th

2015 is crazy. Three months into the year and we already had two Friday the 13ths! Although I don't believe in it, I just get excited with these things happen. It's funny how it's such a good excuse when bad luck comes your way on this day. For me, it's just another day of the week and so happy for the weekend!

During the cold weather, scarves are at the very top of the list for winter must-have accessories. It totally makes a difference when your neck is warm. Plus, it adds a bit of character to an outfit. As well all Canadian girls know, it's definitely hard to dress up and look good. Gone are the days when all we do is layering. Puffy jackets are out during those snowy days. Especially when we had that -40 degree temperature for a week or two! Very, very brutal. Kind of the same level as the ice storm we had.

coat thrifted | scarf Zara | bag Marc Jacobs

photos by: Mack Canelas (http://mackcanelas.tumblr.com)

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