04 March 2015

Texture Variety

Just like colour mixing, pairing a variety of textures together is both simple and complex. I know wearing a monochrome outfit with different textures will do the trick. But what if colour joins in on the fun? That's when it gets a lot more challenging. In this outfit, I've incorporated a couple of dark and light colours.

Oversized cardigans are a must-have in my closet during the colder months. Plus, it acts as a layering piece on days when I don't feel like wearing a puffy jacket. I've gotten a handful of compliments whenever I wear this thick knit cardigan. Keeps me very warm. Adding a really big scarf makes me feeling cozy. The pale blue purse I have adds a bit of lightness to the outfit. And you can never go wrong with white boots!

top, cardigan, bag Topshop | bottom H&M
shoes Senso | hat Joe Fresh | scarf Zara

photos by: Jun Her (http://thekoreanbarber.tumblr.com)

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