25 March 2015

"Famous Footwear" Opens in Vaughan

Leading Footwear Retailer Invites Public to Grand Opening Celebration at New Store

ST. LOUIS (March 17, 2015) – Famous Footwear has opened a new store in Vaughan, Ontario. The 4,881-square-foot store has opened March 18th and will host eight Free Shoe Saturdays beginning March 28th. The new store is located in Vaughan Mills at 1 Bass Pro Mills Drive.

20 March 2015

REVIEW | SST Cosmetics

Few weeks ago, I was surprised with a package from Charming Media. I arrived home from work and there it was... a small box with my name on it on the dining table. I was very confused as to why I was sent this mystery box. I've never had anything delivered to my apartment without my knowledge so this was a first!

Canadian cosmetics brand SST Cosmetics Inc. is bringing a new beauty resolution to your 2015: Achieve high-end beauty results with low-level impact on your skin. Based in Saskatchewan, SST Cosmetics was developed from formulations of the highest quality minerals from around the world. By eliminating harsh chemicals and paragons from cosmetic and personal care products concoctions, SST Cosmetics founder Sharon Sharpe-Titus and her teams has created a diverse beauty line that enhances one's beauty without harmful substances.

18 March 2015

Stripes Everywhere

SUNNY DAYS ARE HERE! Finally the days are getting longer. Plus, above zero degree temperatures during the day. I am slowly adapting my body to the changes by not wearing leggings under my pants or by wearing normal shoes (ie. sneakers, flats), although my wool coats won't be going anywhere just yet.

13 March 2015

This was Friday the 13th

2015 is crazy. Three months into the year and we already had two Friday the 13ths! Although I don't believe in it, I just get excited with these things happen. It's funny how it's such a good excuse when bad luck comes your way on this day. For me, it's just another day of the week and so happy for the weekend!

11 March 2015

Goodbye Winter... Please

Winter hasn't completely left us! This past weekend, we've been deceived by Toronto's weather yet again. Saturday was supposed to be sunny. However, by late afternoon, snow started to fall from the sky and had covered our paths a white blanket overnight. Although a snowfall is a beautiful thing to experience, spring is a couple of weeks away so please no more of this cold weather!

This didn't stop me from taking an outfit post outside though. Because it was almost the end of the day and the sky was filled with grey clouds, I decided to wear a pop of colour to brighten the view. I opted for this cobalt blue coat which really stood out within this vast white snowfield. I added a few extra layers to keep me warm and kept my accessories minimal.

07 March 2015

FOOD FRIDAYS | Herby Scrambled Eggs

YES. I know some of you might question me... "What is Tiffany thinking of posting about food Fridays when it's a Saturday?!" To answer this little confusion, this was suppose to for yesterday but I had plans after lunch that I didn't think of scheduling this post to be published in the afternoon. Anyway, this will be a new blog series that I'm starting this March. It's going to be either weekly or monthly. I haven't completely decided yet. The one sure thing is it will be on Fridays. So you'll have to see if I do a food post next week!

" Scrambled eggs are a great, simple recipe to learn and can just as easily served for lunch as for breakfast. Easy and delicious, these will keep you going through those long morning lectures. "

04 March 2015

Texture Variety

Just like colour mixing, pairing a variety of textures together is both simple and complex. I know wearing a monochrome outfit with different textures will do the trick. But what if colour joins in on the fun? That's when it gets a lot more challenging. In this outfit, I've incorporated a couple of dark and light colours.