22 January 2015

PHOTO DIARY | Cirque du Soleil - Kurios

Here's a little bit of a #ThrowbackThursday ;) last summer I treated myself and my sister to go see a theatrical show. When I first heard about Cirque Du Soleil, I was automatically hooked. I wanted to attend a show so badly. A couple of years passed.. I decided to buy two tickets as a birthday present to myself. It was a bit expensive since I wanted to sit at the front row (we ended up sitting on the second row which wasn't too bad as well) but IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY. The experience was amazing.

We went to the afternoon show just because I wanted to head to dinner afterwards. As soon as we walked in to the tent, we were mesmerized. I was just a little disappointed on the size of the seating area. It was smaller than what I expected. So sitting at the back doesn't really make a difference because you will still see everything. And front row seats aren't that great because the stage was above eye-level when sitting. The show was great regardless. I still enjoyed it very much.

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