29 January 2015

In the Petite Section

Oversize cardigans have been a thing of mine since early fall. They're very comfortable and cozy during those not-so-hot times of the day. Also, it's another versatile piece in my closet that can be worn with different kinds of outfits. That wasn't the focal point of this post though. Let us now turn our eyes to this floral jumpsuit. Or is it called a romper? Because it's short. Anyway..

I never thought I'd purchase a piece of clothing within the petite section at Topshop. I just thought they're more suitable for ladies shorter than me. Not that I'm tall or anything. But I'd like to think that I am only considered as a petite woman due to my build. I took a chance and went to the fitting room. What drew my eyes to it was the print. I have a weakness for florals. And the fact that it was a one piece. It fits just about right. A little short on the top part but I can stilll make it work. SOLD!

 jumpsuit Topshop | cardigan Garage
shoes Converse | sunglasses Rayban | watch Swatch

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