15 January 2015

Easy Restaurant

If you follow me on Instagram (@tiffanyc_), you'll know how much I love my brunches. I'm the type of person who'd rather head out early in the day if I arrange plans. So on my days off, I try to ask some of my friends if they're free for brunch since I don't really wake up until 9 or 10 am. Also, you get two meals in one! Isn't it great? It's the perfect time to eat when you're hungry for breakfast and become full for lunch. As per usual, I invite my partner in crime when it comes to food. My best friend. Like I've mentioned before (click here), she's the first person I think of. Toronto is such a diverse city with different neighbourhoods. Instead of going for brunch at a chain restaurant, I find it exciting to explore its local spots.

I discovered this place called "Easy Restaurant" on Roncesvalles and Queen St W. It was a good thing we decided to eat there because I also found this little shop which I absolutely adore! The store is called "North Standard Trading Post." It's basically another version of Roots but with a variety of Canadian brands. The ambience of the room was very cozy and the owners were really nice. I'm definitely going back there once I'm in the area again. Anyway.. Like always, I tend to stick to one dish whenever I go out. We tried their omelettes. Different for both. With so many choices, I was struggling which one to order. Then I finally decided on the ham and swiss. And of course, I had to order bacon on the side.


  1. Great ambience and that food looks AMAZING!

    xoxx, Monica
    F&ML: Fashion And My Life

  2. Looks fun! I'm all about brunch. Breakfast time is way too early and as you said you get both in one by eating later!! Breakfast and lunch. I like that :)