11 November 2014

D&B Holiday Menu Launch

***WARNING*** For all of you carefully watching their weight, step away now before it's too late.

Your time is up! Brace yourself because you will be entering the holiday sweets heaven ;) I had the opportunity to preview Desmond & Beatrice's holiday menu launch. Since I discovered this little gem on Queen Street East, they have been my go-to place for treats and give out as gifts. Cause who doesn't love cupcakes and pastries, right? The event was held at the 2nd Floor Events (461 King St W).

As soon as you walk in, there is a front desk where you sign in and get your coat checked. The lovely lady at the front greeted me with a smile and introduced herself. (If, by any chance, you're reading this, I completely forgot your name. SORRY!!!) To the right is the photo booth. I didn't even know it was a photo booth until someone told me. It was so cute though. I really love the tassels background and those flower crowns by Lady Hayes are to die for! I wanted to take them home.

By the bar, you can create your own hot chocolate. I was already in serious sweets heaven! "Must. Resist." I tell myself. I've always loved the peppermint mocha from Starbucks so of course, I made my own (kind of). For my drink, I put white chocolate chips, candy cane bits, and a few marshmallows. Perfect combo!

I headed to the back and met Karen, make-up artist and blogger at The Enamorado Syndrome. She had her own little booth where she did touch ups on lipstick (you know, after eating all those sweets!) and eyeliner for the ladies. She was really sweet and asked if I can take a photo of her.

HERE IT IS !!!!!! Sneak peek of the yummy treats. I was stunned when I saw this long table full of goodies and I loved the little animal decorations. Oh gosh.. As soon as I laid my eyes on these, I just wanted to eat them all or maybe take them all home. I planned to take detailed shots but the lighting wasn't that great.

After I was satisfied with my shots, I came out of my bubble and talked to a few awesome ladies. Last night was my first time going to an event alone where I don't know anyone. It was pretty scary at first and I was kind of convinced that I shouldn't attend anymore. But gladly, I did. I networked and gotten myself out there. Especially my blog. Overall, it was an amazing experience.

If you haven't heard of D&B then you've been missing out on the best cupcakes in Toronto! If you're in the area, you can visit their adorable little store in Leslieville or shop through the website.

Monday - Sunday: 10am - 7pm

750A Queen St E
Toronto, ON
M4M 1H4



  1. What a lovely write-up and photos! It was wonderful meeting you last night, Tiffany! xo

  2. after reading this... the only thing i have to say is that... i'm hungry :P

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