28 August 2014

Hashtag, What?

Stripes on a shift dress? SOLD! As I accidentally laid my eyes on this, my hand moved on its own and it quickly disappeared from the rack. Oh times like this, I don't have complete control over my emotions. It's a must have in my closet and also at a very good price! Wearing a silhouette like this sometimes gets a little bit tricky. Since the dress has a minimal print, I wore a denim shirt around to accentuate my waist line. By doing this, it also gives off a casual vibe to the outfit. Perfect to go out for lunch or to a mid-afternoon stroll. I added a subtle yet eye-catching necklace for some flair. I kept the shoes and purse simple.

09 August 2014

A Hidden Courtyard

There are many hidden gems around the city; one of them is the University of Toronto campus. It has such great history and for all Harry Potter fans out there, this is the perfect place for you. Its walls and chambers has a Hogwarts feel. Dating from the 19th century, the architecture is described by a combination of Romanesque and Gothic Revival building spread across the campus. I haven't completely explored the university's grounds. With its green spaces and many interlocking courtyards, the university forms a distinct region of urban parkland in the heart of downtown Toronto.