03 July 2014

Grapefruit Moon

It seems that Mondays are my usual days off this month; so my friend and I decided to go out and grab food. I realized there aren't a lot of places that do weekday brunch. I have no clue brunch are usually on the weekends. Silly me ;) Anyways, we wanted to try a local restaurant across the city... While I was searching the internet about brunch restaurants in Toronto, I came across this around The Annex (Bathurst & Bloor). There were a variety of choices and I'm sure I will get to try most of them.

It was such a tiny space but it was really nice. The weather was also pretty good when we went so we sat and ate in the patio. Summer is really here! At first I was skeptical about eating outside because I saw a photo online and it didn't look exactly the same. But I wanted to enjoy the summer breeze while having breakfast so whatever. I would say the food was pretty good though and very affordable for a huge serving of food. However, I wasn't super pleased with the service. It's not that we had a bad experience, I just wasn't too happy with it.

(taken from instagram: @tiffanyc_)

The potato wedges were pretty good and the orange juice was amazing. I had a feeling it was freshly squeezed. But idk, didn't get the chance to gather the facts. Hehe. As usual, I ordered scrambled eggs but I never had them mixed with cheddar cheese. It was actually savoury and tasted better. Overall, I recommend trying this place out if you're up to homemade food but isn't really into cooking food at home.

Visit their website:

968 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON M5R 3G4

Tel: (416) 534 9056

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  1. Ouuu! Love the photos! The food looks divine! Can't wait to add this place to my list of places to visit! Thanks!