30 July 2014

Fun with Colour & Prints

I've been really into colourful patterns and prints this summer. A bright sunny day mixed with bright prints really makes my day. This outfit encompasses it all. For this look, I opted for a vibrant floral/tropical print flutter shorts. The whole day I felt like I was wearing a skirt. But no. It's a pair of shorts. For real. To be honest, I wasn't completely sure if pairing stripes and tropical prints was a good idea. I guess by focusing on a certain colour and working around it is the key.

As it turned out "coral" will be the focal point of this ensemble. You'd think this shade of orange isn't the best to wear on a hot summer day. On the contrary, it gives off a very cool vibe and pleasing to the eyes.

top Express
bottom Forever 21
purse Aldo
shoes Zara
sunglasses Forever 21

1 comment:

  1. I love the combination of stripes and floral! Great job mixing prints. I liked your technique of choosing a focal point, definitely something I'll have to remember when trying to mix prints.

    Arielle from Tangled Musings