18 June 2014

Mint Overall

Since I've become a lot more active in the fashion industry because of World MasterCard Fashion Week, my blog have gained a lot more exposure and awareness through social media. I've met new people and networked with industry professionals. Who knew it will come to this?

Back when I first started blogging, I didn't think I would get the chance to work with a street style photographer. Now, I have again teamed up with Jun Her (The Korean Barber). We decided to arrange one day every month to do an outfit photo shoot. You can check out the first time we worked together by clicking the link HERE. Half the year is gone and I'm grateful for all the things that have happened so far.


Overalls are slowly coming back since the 90s. We've already seen it pop up here and there last year. Although I haven't really embraced the trend until this season. So I finally bought my own pair after I saw one of the girls in my class wore it to school. I've noticed retailers have picked up on the trend and started to carry them at their stores. My ultimate favourite is from Aritzia as they're not the traditional denim overalls you see everywhere. What I really love about this is it's very lightweight so it's perfect for the summer and I can style it in so many different ways! :D It's also cropped so it shows a little bit of skin at the legs when paired with either heels or ankle boots.

For more of Toronto's street style, you can visit his website at: